Aviation Some Interesting Aviation Facts
Some Interesting Aviation Facts

We’ve already covered a short history of aviation in another post, but there are so many interesting facts we had to leave out that we wanted to make another little piece to talk about some of them. Specifically, there are at least four facts about aviation that most people, even those who are dedicated to flying and aircraft, probably don’t know. We’ve compiled this short list here to tell anyone who will listen, so if you wanted something interesting to bring up the next time you’re having a conversation with someone, by all means allow us to furnish you with some talking points.

Airlines come and go these days with companies merging, being bought up or simply collapsing under the heavy burden of bankruptcy. But did you know that the oldest airline in the world, Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij, or KLM for shirt, still exists today? KLM has been flying people and products around the world for decades now, since the company had its first successful flight from Amsterdam to London on May17th, 1920. The fact that Royal Dutch Airlines is still in operation is a testament to the success of the Danish people when it comes to aviation and flight.

Don’t you just hate airline food? If you said no, you’re probably lying. However, did you know that the pilots and co-pilots who are in charge of keeping a plane in the air actually have to eat different meals which are uniquely different from the fare offered to the passengers and other staff? It’s true. This practice originated as a precaution in the event that airline food would cause food poisoning to its eaters. It seems that even back then when passenger flights were a new thing, the people making those meals already knew they were serving us garbage. Gee, thanks guys.

The news and media love to broadcast flying tragedies when planes go down with people on board because it just makes good press. But did you know that one of the worst flight accidents in the history of aviation actually happened to two grounded planes? In 1977, two passenger planes carrying a total of 600+passengers had a head-on collision at the airport on Tenerife Island, where more than 500 people died as a result. The event is actually called the Tenerife Accident because of where it happened. We can only imagine that it must feel awful to be remembered for such a tragic event.

Continuing with the topic of tragedy, here’s some news. Because airplane cabins are pressurized and packed with oxygen, fires can become fatal events very quickly. In fact, on average, it takes about 90 seconds for even a little spark in the cabin to turn into an all-engulfing blaze that will transform any airplane into a fireball. So, the next time those flight attendants remind you about the nearest emergency exits, maybe pay them a little more attention. Hopefully nothing ever happens where you need to use them, but if the need does arise, you must understand that it is an urgent need indeed.

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