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    Why You Should Get a Helicopter Pilot’s License

    If you ask someone what you can do with an airplane pilot’s license, you will probably get several answers. They might say that they plan to fly commercially, join the Air Force, or fly small private planes at different airfields in the area.

    But if you ask someone what they could do with a chopper pilot’s license, you might get a few blank looks. However, being a heli pilot can not only make you a lot of money… It sets you apart from other people who don’t have that sort of flight education! Here are a few reasons that you should get your helicopter pilot’s license!

    1. Since it is Difficult, Few People Do It

    Becoming a helicopter pilot can be expensive, and the training is difficult. There are some ways to get around the expense, such as joining the military reserves, but those cost time. But this is an advantage! Since learning to pilot a chopper is harder than learning to pilot an airplane, fewer people try to do it. That means less competition for you! And less competition means more money for the person that is able to do it, not to mention better jobs!

    1. The Jobs Are Thrilling

    This isn’t to say there aren’t interesting jobs available for airplane pilots; crop dusting and stunt flying can be a blast! But with helicopter flying, the jobs options get much better. For example, you can take a job flying EMT flights for hospitals! This means you are one of the first to land at sites where people need to be medevaced, and you save people’s lives! You also can be a pilot that flies over forests looking for fires or for lost people… And often large companies hire heli pilots for transport, so you have the opportunity to fly over massive cities.

    1. It’s More Tricky, and Therefore More Rewarding

    Flying a helicopter is really hard. There are so many ways for it to go wrong; with a plane, you just need to send it in a given direction. With a helicopter, you need to keep an eye on all the systems as you hover, turn around, or do anything… It takes a lot more mental effort to make sure you don’t do anything bad with a helicopter. Not to mention if you ever do anything that involves landing in dangerous areas you need to know how to land in places that are not very helicopter-friendly.

    But once you learn how to do all that, it is so rewarding to execute a perfect landing. It’s like the first time you execute a successful saxophone solo with a sax from Wind Plays… It just feels so good! Learning to do something difficult just has so much more mental reward to it than doing something easy. So if you’ve never been convinced that being a chopper pilot was a good job.

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