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    Airplanes and airports are inseparable tandems. If your career requires frequent flying, you most definitely have harnessed a tremendous amount of patience. Airport delays are not the most exciting part of travelling and flying. Fortunately, there are airports that have a full line of amenities to make the wait more bearable. Most airports have duty-free shopping malls, entertainment centers, relaxation areas, and many other conveniences. But what could be better than taking in nature inside the airport halls?

    Here are three airports that have some nice gardens for traveler and aviators to take delight while waiting for the flight.

    First in our list is the O’Hare Airport in Columbus, Ohio. This busy airport features one of the most modern, urban gardens in the country. Located at a seemingly unused nook of the airport’s ORD Rotunda Building, between Terminal 2 and 3, is an a 900 square foot of vertical aeroponic garden. The high-tech urban garden uses the latest indoor garden technologies, much like the LED grow lights found at Plantozoid.com.

    It looks very much like a DIY project which could hopefully inspire others to follow. The plants – a variety of edible flowers, herbs, greens and herbs – are grown in a series of vertical PVC towers equipped with high-powered lights. The signage below shows where the produce is delivered. The very nutritious plants are nourished by a nutrition-rich solution that flows within the columns. There is definitely no soil used in this garden. Water is also re-circulated so it is very efficient.

    Second is the Changi Airport in Thailand. This international airport was among the first airports to introduce gardens in their design. As early as 1980s, Changi Airport already has a sizeable space dedicated for its 250 plan species and some 500,000 plants. The nursery alone can produce 3,000 plants every month.

    Making your stay even more pleasant are several ‘green’ attractions like the orchid with koi pond, the butterfly garden and the colorful flower garden. You can walk further to reach the impeccably manicured outdoor garden which showcases sunflowers and cacti.

    Third is the Incheon Airport which offers not just one garden but seven! This encapsulation of nature gives off a very relaxing ambiance amidst the bustling airport. Each of these gardens has a distinct character – cactus, flowers, pine trees, local flora. Many of these plant species are not naturally found in South Korea so it is only in this airport where you can see them. A vast portion of the garden is located at the ground floor.  On the second floor is an almost 2,000 square meter garden that features over 150 plant species that include herbs, flowers, bamboo and ferns. These gardens are free for all to enjoy so take time to unwind and relax here while waiting for your boarding time.

    While many airports offer cozy, modern relaxation areas, sometimes it’s good to take a break from all the modernity and just return to beauty of nature. What could be more relaxing than a ‘green’ airport!

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